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Gun-Carrying Guests Get 10 Percent Off at This Louisiana Restaurant

"Bergeron's Restaurant is serving up some good cajun food, with a side of second amendment rights."

A Louisiana restauarnt doesn't just support the right to bear arms, it is actually incentivizing customers to bring their guns in to the dining room. According to WTSP, Bergeron's Restaurant owner Kevin Cox has added a new promotion giving customers who carry a gun 10 percent off. The only catch is that they must have their gun on them while dining at the restaurant. Cox notes that the discount started as a way to welcome "police officers with their duty weapons on their side" but it has now been extended to civilians. MyArkLaMiss notes that so far the discount has "been a hit."

Bergeron's is far from the first restaurant to give an unconventional discount. Earlier this year, a restaurant in North Carolina was offering a 15 percent discount to those who openly prayed before their meal. Other restaurants — including one in Calgary, Canada and another in Poulsbo, Washington — give out discounts for "well behaved kids." Go, watch a local news video:

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