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Chipotle Caught in the Middle of a Diaper Changing Debacle

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When a mother didn't find a changing table in the restroom, she used a dining room table instead.

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Though Chipotle is a family-friendly chain of restaurants serving "farm to face" fare, individual locations don't always roll out the red carpet for parents with babies. Last week, a mother discovered that her local Chipotle didn't have a baby changing table in the restroom. Her solution? To use a dining room table — in the middle of the dining area — instead. Consumerist talked with the baby's father about the incident and found that he was actually pretty apologetic. He called his wife's decision to use a table in the dining area "unsavory," and apologized for any "health code violations that she may have caused."

Chipotle did not kick the parents out after the incident, but employees did apparently look "horrified" as the diaper was being changed. They suggested that the parents go to the car to change the baby's diaper instead. Overall, the family felt that employees of Chipotle were unable to "empathize" with a parents' needs. The manager on duty told the parents that if they tried to change another dirty diaper in the dining area "they would immediately be asked to leave."

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This isn't the first time a dirty diaper change in a restaurant has caused a ruckus. Last month, a mother was kicked out of a pizza restaurant after changing her baby's diaper on at the table. Though the mother didn't think she had done anything wrong, the manager at the restaurant was incredulous, and defended his decision to ask the family to leave: "How would you feel? You're sitting there eating. I don't want to lose all these other customers because they see a dirty diaper."

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