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Nine Things You Need To Know About the CIA's Starbucks

Turns out secret agents like Frapuccinos too.

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Coffee behemoth Starbucks is basically everywhere, including within the CIA. The Washington Post takes a look at the location hidden deep within the agency's Langley, Virginia headquarters where even the baristas can't tell anyone where they work. Below, the nine coolest facts about the CIA Starbucks.

1) It's nicknamed "Stealthy Starbucks."

2) On the receipt, it's simply called "Store Number 1."

3) No names can be put on cups, not even aliases.

4) To become a barista, candidates have to go through "rigorous interviews and background checks." Plus, baristas must be "escorted by agency ‘minders'" when en route to their work area.

5) Sorry rewards card lovers: The CIA Starbucks has banned them because officials are afraid the stored data could get into "the wrong hands."

6) The store looks like most other Starbucks locations, though there are apparently plans to redecorate with "spy paraphernalia from over the decades."

7) The lines are super long: Since most personnel do not leave the highly secured building for coffee, lines often stretch down the hallway. 

8) Many job interviews take place there: Apparently the chief of the team that found Osama Bin Laden hired a "key deputy" for the operation at the store. 

9) The most popular items during the day: Lemon poundcake and vanilla lattes. At night: Double espressos and Frapuccinos.

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