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McDonald's Doesn't Understand Chorizo

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But it's selling it in burrito form anyways.


In yet another attempt to boost its bottom line and appeal to that elusive millennial category, McDonald's has been testing a product called Chorizo Burritos at select locations. The burritos could be a great addition to the menu — if McDonald's actually understood what went into chorizo. Traditionally, chorizo is made from pork mixed with a variety of spices. According to Bloomberg, the burritos are actually filled with "chorizo sausage" made from dark meat chicken flavored with "chorizo seasoning," which isn't really chorizo at all. The burritos are also stuffed with scrambled eggs, Roma tomatoes, green chiles, onions, and white cheddar cheese.

An analyst appears to have caught on to McDonald's desperation and told Bloomberg: "They're just trying to have some new news to get people to come back into the stores — they're really struggling." The chorizo-flavored chicken burritos are available at 2,000 McDonald's locations across Texas, Hawaii, and the Midwest. It appears to be a bleak time for fast food fans: Those hoping to avoid not-really-chorizo burritos must pick between items like White Castle's "Italiano sliders" and Jack in the Box's hash brown-, cheese-, and ranch-stuffed croissant.