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Olive Garden's Breadsticks Are Still Under Attack

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The chain's investors really don't like handing out sticks of carbohydrate happiness.

Olive Garden/Facebook

Carb-loving soldiers, gear up: The fight to protect Olive Garden's unlimited breadstick policy is far from over. Earlier this month naysayers/party poopers/Olive Garden investors Starboard Value launched an attack on the quasi-Italian chain, taking aim at everything from its breadstick policy to how the restaurants' cooks prepare the pasta. Bloomberg writes that Starboard has now gained allies in its fight "to revamp" (or destroy, really) Olive Garden.

Proxy advisors for the company have come out in support of Starboard's "turn around plan." A new, business speak-laced report proves they probably have never loved a carb and have only ever loved money: "Starboard has identified valid areas of concern, from a performance, operations and governance perspective, and outlined a realistic plan to improve the company's performance."

Earlier this month, Olive Garden's parent company Darden fired back at Starboard's reform suggestions citing that its breadstick policy conveys "Italian generosity" and that it is making changes to help turnaround the flailing chain. But will that be enough to save unlimited baskets of breadsticks and bowls of pasta? Fingers crossed.