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How Gordon Ramsay Aims to Conquer Asia

You can run, but you can't hide from a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay/Facebook

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay is on an expansion tear: He announced earlier this month that he is forging ahead with plans to open a restaurant in Atlantic City, and is now revealing details about his plans to expand across Asia.

Ramsay recently opened an outpost of his restaurant Bread Street Kitchen & Bar in Hong Kong but isn't about to stop there. According to the South China Morning Post, for Ramsay, Hong Kong is merely a "stepping stone." He confirmed that he will open a restaurant in Macau in early 2015 and another in Singapore next Spring. The chef also noted that he hopes to open in Shanghai and Beijing sometime "down the line."

Ramsay also has his sights set on expanding in London, where he already owns 12 restaurants. This fall, his newest restaurant in the city's West End, Heddon Street Kitchen, will start serving. Ramsay also recently purchased the London restaurant where he got his start, Aubergine. He plans to transform it into a 60-seat restaurant, and return the now-shuttered establishment to its former glory.