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Wendy's Newest Strategy: Throw Barbecue on Cheese Fries

The fast-food chain launches its "barbecue pulled pork" menu.

Square hamburger purveyor Wendy's is getting into the barbecue game: Fast Company reports the fast-food chain is rolling out a limited-time-only "Barbecue Pulled Pork" menu, featuring the smoked barbecue classic in sandwiches and atop french fries. The pork will be available with three different sauces — smoked, spicy, and sweet — as part of a slaw-topped sandwich, as a cheeseburger condiment (on the "Pulled Pork Cheeseburger"), and alongside cheddar cheese sauce on Wendy's fries. The chain's VP of culinary development tells FastCo the pork is smoked for "eight to 12 hours" and pried apart with metal "fingers" to achieve the best texture. Cole slaw on both sandwiches is made from broccoli slaw instead of cabbage, as it "keeps better in storage."

Wendy's started testing all three menu items in select markets earlier this year. Fast-food junkies may have found their temporary answer to the cultishly beloved McRib from McDonald's; barbecue purists, grab your "authenticity" pitchforks now.

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