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America's Fastest-Growing Chain Is a Breastaurant With Lynchian Name

All hail Twin Peaks, not affiliated with the acclaimed director.

Twin Peaks/Facebook

While many fast-food and fast-casual chains are struggling, one upstart has emerged on top. Bloomberg Businessweek reports the Texas-based breastaurant chain Twin Peaks logged $165 million in sales last year, despite having only 57 locations (compare that to $828 million in sales at its more iconic competitor Hooters, which has 360 restaurants nationwide). According to Bloomberg's numbers, the average Twin Peaks location — which puts waitresses in a skimpy lumberjack-like outfit, complete with plaid top and furry boots — raked in $3.6 million last year, or $9,800 in sales per day.

Twin Peaks CEO Randy DeWitt says the chain's popularity is due to its scratch-made menu and ice-cold, but Bloomberg suggests DeWitt's company pays more attention to his staff's appearance than other breastaurant chains: "Before each shift at Twin Peaks... managers line up waitresses and grade them on their looks." (Servers are scored on a point system taking into account their hair, makeup, and "slenderness.") Twin Peaks also has a much larger male clientele than other breastaurants, perhaps thanks to its discriminatory beer-serving practices: DeWitt makes a point to have waitresses ask female customers if they want a "girl-size" beer, which comes in a 10-ounce glass.

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