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A City in Belgium Is Building the Beer Pipeline of Every Frat Boy's Dreams

Way cooler (and more environmentally friendly) than an oil pipeline.


In what is probably the best thing to happen to Bruges, Belgium since that Colin Farrell film, the city will soon be home to a beer pipeline. Yes, a pipe system dedicated to transporting beer will be built beneath the city. According to Sky News, the three kilometer (1.86 mile) pipeline will connect the historic De Halve Maan brewery to a bottling plant. Mashable writes that the move is in an effort to "eliminate disruptive delivery trucks driving through [the city's] picturesque streets": The pipeline will take around 500 trucks off of Bruges' roads each year.

The pipes  — which are capable of carrying 6,000 liters of beer an hour — will be crafted from "high quality plastic" and will be installed through "advanced computer-guided drilling techniques" to avoid disruptive construction along city streets. De Halve Maan's CEO Xavier Vanneste tells Belgian paper Het Nieuwsbladsaid (translated) that "the beer will take 10 to 15 minutes to reach the bottling plant."

The cost of this project is unknown, but the bill will be taken care of by the brewery when construction begins next year. Figure out a way to siphon some off for yourself and the world basically has a win-win-win situation on its hands.

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