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Jon Favreau Movie Spawning Actual Restaurant With Roy Choi

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Finally, a one-stop-shop for Cuban sandwiches, beignets, and brisket.

Gareth Cattermole

In what may be the best news of the week, Yahoo reports that Chef writer-director-actor Jon Favreau plans to use his latest film as inspiration for a restaurant. Imagine: a one-stop-shop for Cuban sandwiches, beignets, and brisket.

Chef Roy Choi (Kogi, POT) is a partner in the venture, which is likely to be based in Los Angeles. Says Favreau: "I love sharing the food with people, so that they could see that food really is as good as it looks." He admitted though that "[i]t's not the wisest business venture." Instead, it's away for him to "let the movie live on and connect with the fans." A location has not been named and a prospective opening date has not been set.

It's been a busy Summer for Roy Choi. This news comes two days after CNN announced Roy Choi's new digital series, Street Food; about a month after Choi opened his latest (fifth) restaurant in Los Angeles, Commissary; a week after he announced he was getting into the hotel business, and three weeks after he spilled the beans at MAD4 about a fast food concept in partnership with San Francisco-based chef Daniel Patterson. Is Roy Choi the culinary equivalent of James Franco? What's next for the food world's latest and greatest enfant terrible?

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