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Google Trends: McDonald's, KFC, PBR Among Most-Searched Food Brands

Meanwhile, people in New Jersey really love their... Hellmann's mayonnaise?

Direct Capital

McDonald's reigns supreme in Illinois, KFC in Kentucky. Financial investment company Direct Capital recently crunched the numbers on Google Trends to determine the most-searched brands in each state, based on per-capita search popularity. And unsurprisingly, fast food and booze brands often emerged on top.

Google searches for McDonald's and KFC were number one in the states that house their respective corporate headquarters; in Washington, Starbucks was the second most-searched brand (after Microsoft). Several fast-food chains landed in #2 spots across the country: Burger King was the second-most searched in Nebraska, Domino's Pizza in Louisiana, and Papa John's in Kentucky.

Meanwhile, alcohol-related searches were #1 in states like Arizona (Jose Cuervo), New Mexico (Patron), Wisconsin (Pabst Blue Ribbon), and Massachusetts (Sam Adams Brewing), while seemingly oddball food brands like Hellmann's mayonnaise also emerged on top. (New Jersey: what's with the mayo love?)

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