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Copenhagen Breastaurant Adds Sex Toy Shop for Takeout Customers

The appropriately named Hot Buns now offers late-night burgers alongside dildos.

Hot Buns/Facebook

Copenhagen breastaurant Hot Buns, which features "gastroburgers" and milkshakes served by waitresses in (relatively) modest tank tops and hot pants, has announced plans to tack on a sex shop to its existing restaurant. Owner Mathias Kaer tells the Local that the late-night service called "Hot Buns After Dark" marks the first hybrid restaurant/sex shop in the country, with plans to offer its usual hamburger menu alongside "officially licensed Fifty Shades of Grey" sex toys like dildos, whips, and cock rings. To ensure his staff feels safe during the late-night hours, Kaer says he's arming servers with "panic buttons" to immediately call security guards if undesirable crowds gather.

The added sex shop business, according to Kaer, simply satisfies the needs of late-night customers: "On Friday and Saturday nights there are only two things most people want," he says, "Sex and food." The sex-toy shop opens later this week, complete with a cock ring and vibrator giveaway.

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