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Watch Stephen Colbert Mourn the Loss of PBR to the Russians

"They're not just taking an American icon, they're taking American irony." — Stephen Colbert

Nation: Stephen Colbert enjoys "to eat food," but he needs something to wash it down with — and that's where Pabst Blue Ribbon enters this segment from last night's Colbert Report. The quintessential American beer has been purchased by the largest beverage company in Russia, Oasis Beverages, and Colbert is displeased: "The damn Ruskis are buying PBR. How would they like it if we bought their Kraft Russian dressing?!" Furthermore: "It's not just the classic American beer enjoyed by your grandfather. Thanks to the hipster revival it's the classic American beer enjoyed by young people trying to look like your grandfather." Check out the clip to join Colbert's campaign to "defend our PBR!"

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