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Gordon Ramsay Hints Kitchen Nightmares Break May Be Temporary

The shouty chef on a potential return: "I want to come back twice as strong."

In a promo for his upcoming four-episode series Ramsay's Costa Del Nightmares, chef Gordon Ramsay talks about his decision to end his multinational show Kitchen Nightmares, which will soon sign off after 10 years on television.

But there's a glimmer of hope for Nightmares fans: The famously shouty chef draws a parallel between himself another familiar British TV personality, Jeremy Clarkson, who resurrected his own program Top Gear after taking a three-year break. "He said, 'I missed it so much that when I came back, I came back twice as strong,'" Ramsay says, reflecting on what his own temporary leave of absence could mean. "I think it's good to stop. I want to get out, but more importantly, I want to come back twice as strong." Watch out, chefs, a doubly-mean Ramsay may be visiting your restaurants just as soon as his stomach gets a much-needed break: In his original announcement, Ramsay claims to have consumed "234 Zantacs" over the course of filming.