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Burger King Australia Undermines McDonald's Monopoly Game

Can Burger King Australia successfully steal away McDonald's customers?

Hungry Jack's

McDonald’s Australia is probably not loving it: Hungry Jack’s — the name under which Burger King operates in Australia — is messing with the golden arches’ Monopoly promotion. According to BurgerBusiness, McDonald’s relaunched the game earlier this month where one in every five pieces is an instant winner. Customers can redeem the pieces for items such as free burgers and fries. Hungry Jack’s has launched a hilarious campaign of their own called "Flame Their McOpoly" encouraging customers to bring in their winning McDonald’s game pieces for free food at Hungry Jack's instead. Sadly, a Burger King spokesperson tells BurgerBusiness that the chain "has no plans to launch a similar tactic in the U.S."

Burger King isn’t the first company to undercut a competitor’s promotion: Coffee subscription company Tonx once accepted Starbucks gift cards as payment for subscriptions, even though the company lost money on the promotion.

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