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Tim Hortons Transforms a House Into a Pop-Up Restaurant

In the stealth of the night, the Canadian doughnut chain surprised a neighborhood and converted a house into a full blown Tim Hortons.

Perhaps every Canadian’s dream come true: a house in a Calgary neighborhood was transformed into a "fully functioning" Tim Hortons store overnight. According to CTV News, the house was transformed "into a temporary restaurant"to bring attention to the hiring spree the chain is about to embark upon. Tim Hortons is looking to hire more than 2,000 workers this year. A Tim Hortons spokesperson explains the move: "We are inviting people to join us today to have a coffee and talk about maybe an opportunity to work at a local Tim Hortons."

Lucky for the neighborhood, it was a Tim Hortons that popped-up, not a Burger King reeking of onion rings and cheeseburgers. The burger chain recently acquired Tim Horton’s for $11.4 billion.

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