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How 3D Printing Could Improve Airplane Food

3D printing could lead to fresher food and more options on airplanes.

The Ninjas

A group of college students have come up with a brilliant way to combat awful airline food. 3Dprint reports that students from the Department of Design at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati have created a concept, called the Sky Kitchen, that puts to use 3D food printing technology. Installed on airplane, it would "provide passengers with a much larger, and fresher selection of delectable meals." The group of students found that airplane passengers often did "not approve of the freshness" of the meals served onboard. To combat this, the students would provide passengers LCD displays which they can use "customize" and order a 3D printable meal.

Passengers would be able to do everything from selecting toppings, to ingredients, to the shape of their food (e.g. customers could order a circle or triangle shaped waffle). The recipes would then be printed to order. The students argue that the food would be fresher, that there would be a greater number of options, and it would be easier to cater to dietary restrictions. Unfortunately, the project is still "many years away" from becoming a reality. Until then, you have time to order plane food for home delivery and remind yourself just how awful it really is.