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Watch This Guy Put Every Taco Bell Ingredient Into One Dish

Taco Bell let an average guy mess around in their test kitchen. Here's what happened.

Here's writer Mark Wilson playing around inside Taco Bell's test kitchen. His goal? To make a product called Los Todos, or everything on Taco Bell's menu in one dish. Taco Bell's product team guides him through the process of making all of the parts of his proposed dish, and then they suggest he call it something else because he'll "have to position this very differently." Finally they agree on the name: "The Piñata," because "everything explodes out of it" when you break in with a bite. He calls it "the epitimey of a party in your mouth."

Watch Wilson manage the product from development to test-taste ("these folks make for a tough panel of testers") to sale at a real Taco Bell store. Wilson gets quite protective of his Piñata — which looks a lot like a quesadilla stuffed with tacos and nachos — and takes every critique and compliment to heart. Quote: "I was surprisingly protective of my Piñata... even though I couldn't quite remember how I made it..."

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