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Colorado Taco Truck Also Sold Sides of Meth

The taco truck was at the center of one of the largest meth busts in Colorado's history.

Provided by the Colorado Attorney General's Office

One taco truck in Denver, Colo. has been selling a side dish far more interesting than chips: methAccording to the Denver Post, the taco truck was recently part of one of the "largest meth seizures in state history." The alleged international drug ring used the truck to help sell the drugs, but they weren't very covert. Attorney General John Suthers notes that "the brazenness of this ring was astounding" and that "customers could literally walk up to a food truck and order a side of meth with their taco."

CBS writes that a joint federal and local drug bust resulted in the indictment of 17 people and the seizure of 55 pounds of methamphetamine. As stupid as selling tacos with a side of meth is, it’s still smarter than painting millions of dollars worth of marijuana to make it look like watermelons.

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