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Chinese Facility at Center of McDonald's Meat Scare Lays Off Employees

Shanghai Husi Food Co. remains "temporarily closed" after this summer's scandal.

Omar A./Flickr

The Shanghai meat processing facility at the center of this summer's expired meat scandal said today it would lay off more than 300 employees, but "stopped short" of announcing its permanent closure. Yahoo reports that Shanghai Husi Food Co. — which is currently under investigation for knowingly selling expired or mislabeled meat products to Chinese locations of McDonald's, KFC, and Pizza Hut — will let go 340 workers, all of whom have been on paid leave since the plant temporarily shuttered in July. According to a statement issued by Shanghai Husi's American parent company OSI Group, it is "very unlikely" that operations at the facility will continue.

Six former employees are currently under investigation for repackaging and selling the expired meat earlier this summer. Although they have not been named, an earlier Reuters report suggested the "head" of Shanghai Husi and one of its "quality control managers" were among those detained by police. The scandal forced McDonald's, Starbucks, and Pizza Huts in China to pull products from their menus, many of which were not completely reinstated until this month.

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