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McDonald's Spain Names New Burgers After NYC Neighborhoods

No one has any idea why.

McDonald's Spain

McDonald’s  Spain has launched a new series of special burgers dubbed "Los Irresistibles." According to BurgerBusiness, the burgers are inexplicably named after a handful of New York City neighborhoods. McDonald’s notes that there’s the Little Italy, which features the decidedly non-Italian ingredients of two beef patties, "delicious melted cheese," and lettuce (plus, hilariously, Italian dressing). The Soho BBQ makes even less sense than the Little Italy, seeing as Soho has never been known for its barbecue. Regardless, the sandwich also features a double beef patty and "delicious melted cheese," but swaps out the dressing for fresh onion and barbecue sauce.

Weird as they are, the burgers are only 2 Euros or $2.57 USD. Overseas McDonald’s locations have a tendency to launch strange burgers inspired by America: In June, McDonald’s France launched an American-themed menu that included a "Florida" sandwich featuring two pieces of steak topped with a "pepper-Summer" sauce. And just last year, McDonald’s France ran a series of novelty American burgers that included a burger on a cornbread bun that came topped with corn chips.

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