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Watch Author Madhur Jaffrey Talk About Food Traditions

An animated talk on food memory and traditions from India to Japan.

At this year's MAD symposium — its fourth — MAD welcomed actress, television and radio presenter, and author Madhur Jaffrey. She smiles while talking about "eating things you don't even know anything about," your mother's cooking, and the things "your mouth is trained to eat." Jaffrey knows a good deal about spices, and her discovery of new flavors and plants is surprisingly addictive.

On food as medicine: It is apparently rather normal in India to have casual conversations about bowel movements, and the mother of the household had a cure for every aliment (rice and yogurt will cure a loose stool). Turmeric, it turns out, is a cure-all. Listen as she tells the story of when a stampede of cows, on their way to eating bananas in a temple, almost knocked her off her feet.

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