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Paula Deen Documentary and $10 Reruns Coming to New Network

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The Paula Deen Network will even have game shows!

Paula Deen Network

Disgraced foodperson Paula Deen and her "digital network" have bought the rights to her old Food Network shows. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company purchased 440 episodes in total from Deen’s 13-year stint at the channel. The deal also includes unaired footage of the thirteenth season of her cooking show Home Cooking. (Those episodes never aired because it was around that time that Deen admitted to using a series of racial slurs in front of her employees.)

Deen plans to air the reruns on her subscription-based network. This means interested parties will have to pay $9.99 per month to watch episodes of a show that are probably easily found via a quick Google search. The $120 per year option also gives subscribers access to Deen’s "self-produced documentary about her tumultuous life since 2012." The network plans to air the doc next year.

The Paula Deen Network promises subscribers video content including segments on how to make things like sugar-saturated lemonade. There will also be a slew of cooking shows (including one called "Paula in a Pinch"), and for some unexplainable reason: game shows. The Paula Deen Network launches this Wednesday, September 24.