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Chef Who Blamed Picky Customers for Shutter Says He's Tired of Trying to 'Satisfy Patrons'

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The San Francisco restaurant owner who blamed picky diners for the closure of his restaurant is defending his actions. This includes posting yet another sign.

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The San Francisco chef that fired back at difficult customers last week with a very sassy sign is at it againAccording to ABC7, James Chu — the owner and chef of SO Chinese restaurant —  posted a new sign on the front door of his restaurants that reads, "We work hard to please everyone, but know we can’t. So if you’re hard to please, please turn around and go somewhere else."

Last week, Chu shut his doors early and stormed off after leaving a two-page sign in the window airing his frustrations with entitled customers: "We are closed because of you (customers), So...yes we use MSG, we don't believe in organic food, and we don't give a shit about gluten free."

The reactions to his actions were mixed: Many Yelpers left five-star reviews on the restaurant’s business page in response to Chu’s actions. However, others left one-star ratings with comments that included insults directed at the chef. He was called "a fool," "rude," and "ignorant."

Chu is defending his actions, noting that "he's tired of catering to hard-to-satisfy patrons." He added that "supporters have been filling the restaurant" ever since the story about his first controversial sign broke, and that the current clientele is who "his business is made for." Here's the local news story:

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