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Starbucks Is Testing a Guinness-Flavored Latte

The coffee mega giant is experimenting with a latte that mimics the flavor of the popular beer. There is however no actual alcohol in the coffee drink.

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While it may not be socially acceptable to start the day off with a cup of actual Guinness, Starbucks is currently testing a latte that tastes very similar to the popular stout. According to the Telegraph, the coffee behemoth is testing its Dark Barrel Latte in select locations across Ohio and Florida. The Independent writes that the latte is made with a syrup that mirrors the taste of dark beers like Guinness and it comes topped with whipped cream and a dark caramel sauce. Even though many testers have noted that the drink does indeed taste like beer, there is (fortunately? unfortunately?) no alcohol in the latteThere are no plans to roll the beer-flavored latte out nationwide as of yet.

In an effort to stay ahead of the competition, Starbucks has been testing a variety of new concepts in select stores and regions. The chain is experimenting with "small batch" cold-brewed coffee, looking into offering coconut milk as a dairy-free alternative for the first time, and launching a "mini" Frappuccino.