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SUPERCUT: Every Top Chef Elimination Ever

Here's a supercut of every elimination ever on Top Chef, all the way from season one (with Katie Lee Joel as host) to the latest episode from season ten set in Seattle. Having personally eliminated dozens of cheftestapants, in Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi plays the role of a very fashionable Grim Reaper. As a reality show Angel of Death, her word is final and damning. Stray observations:

· Padma does not appear to ever repeat an outfit. In last week's recap, Max Silvestri noted: "But if on average she wears two outfits an episode, for 13 episodes a season, and now this is her 9th season, has she run out of normal clothes?" She has not.
· The only person to kick themselves off was Mia Gaines-Alt in season two.
· The only person to ever get kicked off twice in the same season isBeverly Kim in season nine (she returned because of that online thing Last Chance Kitchen).
· The only time a finalist was told to pack their knives and go was in season one. "I have to say it," said Katie Lee Joel says to Tiffani Faison, adding insult to injury. "Please pack your knives and go."