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Denny's and Its Discontents, an Early Review

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Photo: Marguerite Preston/Eater NY

This week, Eater's Senior Critic Robert Sietsema stopped by Manhattan's very first and very fancy Denny's. While he opted out of trying the location's $300 Grand Cru breakfast (it comes with a bottle of Dom Perignon), he did sample everything from the "cloyingly sweet" Strawberry Pancake Puppies to the "hard as nails" onion rings.

The waits were surprisingly long and the menu proved to be "redundant." There were also some incredibly unappetizing breakfast combinations, including chocolate chip pancakes drizzled with peanut butter sauce and served with eggs, syrup, and hash browns: "You should save your stomach the trouble by putting the syrup in a syringe and injecting it directly into your arm." Over all, however, Sietsema's meals at Denny's "were not as bad" as he had feared.

Head over to Eater NY for the full review.>>>


150 Nassau St., New York, NY