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McDonald's Sweden Will Trade Empty Cans for Burgers

Photo: DDB Sweden

Swedes can now pay for their Big Macs with the contents of their recycling bins. According to Fast Company, McDonald's Sweden has launched a campaign where customers can pay for burgers with empty beer and soda cans. Small billboards around Stockholm advertise for the campaign and provide readers with a roll of black bags, presumably for filling with cans. For 10 cans, a customer can get a free hamburger or cheeseburger. A customer can also trade in 40 cans for a Big Mac.

The website of DDB Stockholm — the ad agency that partnered with McDonald's on this campaign — notes that "young people don't get CEO paychecks… without counting their money, they only have enough for beer and maybe a little food." DDB Stockholm believes the campaign is "good for the stomach and for the environment."

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