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McDonald's Gives Apple Pies to the iPhone 6 Queue

Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

McDonald's is handing out free apple-themed snacks (pies and apple slices) to those waiting in line for the newest Apple product this morning, the iPhone 6. According to BurgerBusiness, McDonald's employees are handing out the snacks — along with shirts, sunglasses, and accessories for the new phones — to iPhone fanatics that have been in line since last night in front of Apple stores in New York City and Chicago.

[Photo: McDonald's]

[Photo: McDonald's]

Besides the fun pun aspect of the stunt, it makes good business sense too: The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are equipped with Apple Pay, a technology that allows people to use their devices to pay for meals. McDonald's is one of the first restaurants to adopt the technology, and diners will be able to use Apple Pay at the walk-in counter and at the drive thru. As for Android users — who apparently out number iPhone users two to one - McDonald's SVP-global chief digital officer Atif Rafiq tells Mashable that McDonald's systems "will be able to handle Google Wallet" and other payment systems that utilize the NFC technology. Now, who will be the first person to pay for a McDonald's apple pie with Apple Pay? The queue starts now.

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