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Pizza Hut Boldly Sells Thin Crust as a 'Skinny Slice'

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Perhaps in an attempt to counter act its giant pizza-shaped cookie, Pizza Hut is currently testing a "lighter pizza." According to the Associated Press, the chain is currently offering "Skinny Slice" pies at locations in Toledo, Ohio and West Palm Beach, Florida.

So what exactly makes the slice skinny? Pizza Hut simply uses "less of the same dough used for regular pies" and it skimps on toppings. Essentially, Pizza Hut's revolutionary idea is a thin crust pizza. Customers in Toledo can customize their Skinny Slice pizzas with up to five toppings: Each slice has 300 calories or less. In West Palm Beach, diners can choose between six pre-set pies that features slices with 250 calories or less.

While Pizza Hut has spent time spinning out regional (and not-so-healthy) twists on pizza toppings (including marshmallows and pork taco fillings), this isn't the chain's first foray into a more waistline-friendly pie. Over a decade ago, Pizza Hut introduced its Fit n' Delicious pies — which are still available today by special request — that actually have even fewer calories than the Skinny Slice pies.

A spokesperson for Pizza Hut tells the AP that if the "test proves successful, the Skinny Slice pies would replace the Fit N' Delicious pies. Competitor Domino's also recently introduced a healthier version of its pizza dubbed the "Smart Slice" to sell in schools.

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