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Cult Coffee Roasters Blue Bottle Launches Subscription Delivery Service

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Photo: Courtesy of Blue Bottle Coffee

Incredibly well-funded Oakland, Calif.-based cult roaster Blue Bottle Coffee has launched an online subscription delivery service. According to a release, the service is called Blue Bottle at Home and it delivers nationwide. The move comes just a few months after Blue Bottle purchased Tonx, a company that specialized in curated online coffee subscriptions.

Customers have the option of purchasing either ongoing subscriptions or a one-time gift of either origin coffee, blend coffee, or espresso. Coffee can be ordered in 6-ounce, 12-ounce, 24-ounce, and 36-ounce increments and subscriptions start at $11 per month, which is especially great if you're a journalist and drink more coffee than doctors, lawyers, or truck drivers.

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