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Roy Choi Is About to Transform the Hotel Business

Now that he's mastered food trucks and restaurants, LA-based chef Roy Choi is looking into the the hotel business. After partnering with the Sydell Group on LA's The Line Hotel, it seems that Choi's involvement in hotel operations may grow. His modus operandi? An approach that seeks to level the socio-economics of the business: "I did it with street food... I brought street food across social classes... so I'd like to do the same for hotels."

Choi talks about his idea for presenting a luxury experience to all guests while offering some rooms priced for the hostel set and others priced for the jet set. But can Choi's brand of hospitality win over union workers and luxury travelers? He describes his approach as somewhat hands-off: "I'm just the dude rolling the joint. No one gets mad at that guy." Go watch Esquire's interview with a chef who's building the biggest, baddest brand on the West Coast:

Video: Roy Choi | My Friends Call Me Johnny

· Roy Choi | My Friends Call Me Johnny [YouTube]

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