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Unruly Teens Force Local Fast-Food Locations to Close

Roving bands of teenagers in Antioch, California have forced two local fast-food chains — Taco Bell and McDonald's — to temporarily close their locations on school days, denying teens a place to loiter after school lets out. Local news station KTVU reports that full-on brawls involving as many as 50-60 teenagers often occur in the restaurants' parking lot (many videos of the fights have popped up online).

The mayhem has forced McDonald's to close its dining room between 3p.m. and 4:30p.m. each day, immediately after the high schoolers are released from classes. Taco Bell says it will close its restaurant "on a case-by-case basis," though witnesses report the constant fighting often spirals out of control. One woman reports a group of fighting kids "literally surrounded my car," saying she was forced to "lock the doors and call the police." Other residents say teens have also caused property damage to the area, breaking windows. Go, watch the news report:

Video: Teen Brawls Force Closures

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