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Chef Gastón Acurio to Open Two Fast Casual Concepts

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Peruvian chef and international restaurateur Gastón Acurio — who retired from managing his flagship restaurant Astrid y Gaston earlier this month — reveals details about his future restaurant plans. Acurio tells Fine Dining Lovers that he is currently looking at expanding his restaurant La Mar to London, Dubai, and Washington, D.C.

The chef also notes that he will open "cheap concepts" in Peru where the food is great, fast, and made with local ingredients. First up is a fast casual Chinese Peruvian restaurant where food will be cooked to order and meals will not cost more than $6 or $7. The restaurant is slated to open next year. Acurio is also looking into opening a "cheap casual burger joint" where he may do "some sort of global world burger." On top of all of his new projects, Acurio is also currently working on his first English-language cookbook which will focus on the many flavors of Peruvian food.

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