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NYC's Bar Bolonat Kicks Israeli Cuisine into Overdrive

All photos: Nick Solares

Einat Admony, the female-chef behind Balaboosta (good, not great) and Taim (serving some of the finest falafel in New York), has another winner on her hands, making her West Village spot Bar Bolonat not just one of New York's best new restaurants, but a de facto argument in favor of those who believe the multi-ethnic culinary traditions of the Middle East will become the next big thing in the U.S.

And while some have asked whether America, en masse, is ready for the Middle Eastern experience at the dinner table, a legitimate question as the "Halal Guys" convert their street meat operation into a national (and international) chain of sit-down spots, the fact that a concept whose name refers to Muslim dietary guidelines has such strong backing is a sign that semitic skepticism is on the wane. After all, the Jewish and Arab-Israeli duo behind London's Ottolenghi restaurants and delis seem to have a knack for publishing multiple best-selling cookbooks. And Zahav's Michael Solomonov is quickly becoming a national figure himself as he slings Yemenite beef stew and sesame tahini donuts to packed houses in Philadelphia.

Three stars. >>>

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