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Watch French Chef Olivier Roellinger at MAD 4: 'It's Up to Us Chefs'

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Chef Olivier Roellinger earned three Michelin stars during his days at Maisons de Bricourt in the South of France. At this year's MAD conference Roellinger offered a moving speech about his life story — from how a beating that put him in a coma made "him realize he wanted to be a chef" to how he became enamored with spices, especially those of India and China.

Roellinger then launches into a missive about what current chefs must do with their skills, connections, and time. From "sustainably" developing their farming regions to fighting against "against junk food but also against the mediocre standardization of international gastronomy," Roellinger filled the room with robust, Alice Waters-style thoughts. Quote: "What is cooking? Since politics never takes responsibility, it's up to us chefs. It's a huge opportunity for us to build a world that is more human, more equitable, healthier, with more pleasure and happiness." Go, watch:

Video: Olivier Roellinger

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