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Ben & Jerry's Launches Bob Marley-Inspired Ice Cream

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Ben and Jerry's have decided to dig into their inner ganjaprenuers and create a special Bob Marley-inspired flavor. The flavor's name — Satisfy My Bowl — takes advantage of great double entendre. According to the website, the ice cream features a banana ice cream base loaded with caramel and cookie swirls. Plus, there are chocolate pieces in the shape of peace signs but no actual weed.

The ice cream flavor was created in partnership with the 1Love Foundation to honor the 30th anniversary of Bob Marley's iconic Legend album. Proceeds from sales of the pint will help fund a "youth empowerment program in Jamaica." High Snobiety notes that Satisfy My Bowl is available starting September 15 but unfortunately only the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Fret not, America, you still have THC-laced pizza — which will actually get you high.

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