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New WhatWine App Wants to Be Your Personal Sommelier

Here's yet another app aiming to demystify restaurant wine lists and help diners avoid awkward conversations with sommeliers. According to TechCrunch, the newly launched WhatWine aims to be the "Shazam for wine list[s] and food pairing[s]." The app utilizes a technology that allows users to scan a restaurant's wine list, which then works with wine database Snooth to "pair the correct bottle of wine to the type of main dish you've ordered." WhatWine, which is currently only available for iOS, allows users to choose between 13 different types of food categories to pair with wine. Interestingly, more than one type of food can be selected and the suggestions will be "adapted accordingly."

WhatWine is not to be confused with WineGlass, an app released earlier this summer that also hopes to combat the "unapproachable" nature of wine lists. WineGlass also scans a restaurant's wine list, but converts it into an "interactive" document that not only features food pairings, but also wine ratings and reviews. Best of all, for the budget conscious, WineGlass provides users with price information so users can figure out just how much the wine has been marked up. The WhatWine app is currently available to download for free in the App store. Go, watch an introductory video:

Video: WhatWine

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