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McDonald's Files Trademark Application for 'McBrunch'

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McDonald's has filed a an application to trademark the term "McBrunch." A company spokesperson confirms to Burger Business that McDonald's did indeed apply to trademark the term but that there are no details regarding "how the trademarks may or may not be used." Apparently this isn't the first time the golden arches has attempted to trademark the term: Back in 2001 the company filed another application for "McBrunch" but abandoned it, which was probably for the best. The world probably does not need a hotcake-burger breakfast taco.

The precedent for fast food brunch offerings is shaky. A few years ago, Burger King unsuccessfully tested a brunch menu that featured a breakfast sandwich, its regular Whoppers, and non-alcoholic mimosas (which sounds like a fancy way of saying orange juice.) There is no word on whether or not McDonald's actually plans to launch a McBrunch — or if it will be served past 10:30 a.m. — but if they do, no doubt everyone on team brunch will rejoice.

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