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Watch Noma's René Redzepi Ponder the Beauty of Tortillas

Here's Nordic food innovator/chef and owner of Copenhagen's Noma René Redzepi and his pastry chef Rosio Sánchez in their test kitchen. The two chefs — who are opening a taqueria together — explain how to make masa, and then how to properly cook tortillas.

René asks: "When is the tortilla just perfect?" Rosio answers: "When it starts to soufflé." While waiting for the patties of dough to cook, René theorizes on why tacos and tortillas aren't better appreciated. "You can have Italian chefs talk about the difficulties in creating the right pasta dough..... you'll pay 30, 40, 50 euros for a bowl of spaghetti. Because the story is right. But a tortilla can only cost 50 cents... maybe the story telling has been wrong? And also the appreciation for it." Go, watch:

Video: René Redzepi on Tortillas

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