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Watch OpenTable's CEO Describe Apple Pay Integration

Yesterday, reservation powerhouse OpenTable announced it was among the partners for Apple's new mobile payment platform Apple Pay, and today, OpenTable CEO Matthew Roberts reveals more details to Bloomberg. During the interview on Market Makers, Roberts calls the partnership "a fantastic win for our consumer," with Apple Pay allowing OpenTable users to "touch and pay" instead of the "swiping and paying" system that OpenTable currently uses. (The only difference: Users will no longer have to add their credit cards to use OpenTable's payment service.) Apple Pay will serve as a value-added service for OpenTable's restaurant customers: Roberts says its integration will come at no cost to either diners or restaurant guests.

Roberts also re-emphasizes OpenTable's ambitions to become not just a reservation site, but "a full dining experience company" that engages with guests throughout: In addition to making a more "seamless" transaction while paying the check, Roberts says OpenTable will use purchase information to create a user "dining diary" to track ordered dishes and help "share your experiences." Go, watch:

Video: OpenTable Partners With Apple Pay: Will Diners Benefit?

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