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Chicago Chef Grant Achatz Deserves an Oscar for Reading This Bad Yelp Review

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[Video: Kat Odell]

Remember that video from the Eater Lounge at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen of chefs and restaurateurs reading real (bad) Yelp reviews of their restaurants? Well, here's one more. Up above, Grant Achatz, molecular wunderchef of Alinea in Chicago, plus executive chef Mike Bagale, read their own bad Yelp review of the restaurant.

But the catch here is that they made up this (fake) bad Yelp review right on the spot. Says, Achatz: "Who does this Grant Achatz thinks he is? A Jay-Z of the culinary world?" Continues Bagale, "Oh my god, a pile of rocks with a piece of burnt meat in it? Gross."

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