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Gordon Ramsay Sued Yet Again Over Failed LA Restaurant

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Another day, another lawsuit over Gordon Ramsay's now-shuttered Los Angeles restaurant the Fat Cow. TMZ reports Ramsay has been named in a $6 million lawsuit filed by his former Fat Cow landlord, who alleges Ramsay and his partner Rowen Seibel broke their $52,000/month lease. In a statement provided to TMZ, Ramsay passes the buck, saying: "It's the unfortunate, but inevitable normal procedure resulting from Rowen Seibel's gross mismanagement of the restaurant and diversion of funds from the business that lead to a string of financial and legal issues."

Ramsay and Seibel are currently embroiled in a $10 million lawsuit in which Seibel accuses the shouty chef of "deliberately mishandling a trademark problem" with the Fat Cow name in order to force Seibel out of the project. Ramsay countersued, alleging Seibel "spectacularly mismanaged" the restaurant. That case is still pending.

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The Fat Cow

189 The Grove Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90036