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The Newest Foursquare App Offers Users Personalized Restaurant Recommendations

The new iteration of Foursquare launched today and as reported last month, it includes a "personalized local search feature" that makes restaurants recommendations based on your "tastes." According to a press release, once users sign into the new app there will be an "initial on-boarding process" where they will be prompted to pick "tastes" which are essentially users' preferences. There are apparently 10,000 tastes for users to choose from. Every time a watermelon appears in the new app, it signifies that the place is recommended based off of your tastes.

The new app also suggests experts and people to follow for recommendations. Foursquare has also added a feature called "expertise": Everytime users add a tip, they are working towards becoming an "expert in certain categories." The more people like and save users' tips, the quicker they become an expert. As previously reported, the new Foursquare eliminates the ability to "check-in" to a place. That feature is only available on the Foursquare spin-off app, Swarm. Go, watch a video about the new Foursquare courtesy of The Verge:

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