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Wendy's Plans Ambitious Canadian Invasion

Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr

Fast-food chain Wendy's will soon convert all its Canadian locations into franchisee-owned stores in an effort to kick-start company growth above the U.S. border: Bloomberg Businessweek reports Wendy's hopes to add 100 new restaurants in Canada by 2010, despite the fact that the chain "hasn't managed to expand in Canada for about 10 years."

Wendy's currently has more than 360 restaurants in the country, one-tenth the number of Tim Hortons locations nationwide (the coffee-and-doughnut chain, which has its own U.S. expansion plans in the works, is Canada's largest). Wendy's Canada will sell all of its company-owned restaurants to franchise owners by "early next year," with hopes the franchise model will pepper the nation with more Frosties and cheese-laden baked potatoes in the coming months.

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