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Restaurant Shames Dine-and-Dasher on Facebook

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Photo: Our Place Restaurant/Facebook

A restaurant in Texas has taken to shaming diners on Facebook when they leave without paying their bill. According to KDFW, a surveillance camera at Our Place in Mansfield shows a man getting up to go to the register but instead putting his receipt in his pocket and walking out without paying. The owner of the restaurant, Benji Arslanovksi, uploaded (now deleted) images of the man to Facebook this past weekend, along with the request that he return and pay the bill. The post "went viral" and apparently received "42,000 views, 300 shares and 200 comments." In less than 24 hours, the customer in question called the restaurant and came back to "settle his bill."

Earlier this year, a bar in Flagstaff, Arizona also turned to Facebook to catch a thief. After a customer stole a $500 piece of artwork off of the bar's walls, the owner posted a screen grab of the thief in the act along with this sassy offer on Facebook: "I offer you this framed image of you in the act of stealing in exchange for Emma Gardner's painting. Until you return the art, this image of you will adorn our walls where her painting once hung." While the actual thief was never caught, the two other men in the photo came forward to compensate the artist for the painting.

It's not the first time Our Place in Texas used Facebook to out a thief; Arslanovksi has also posted photos of thieves stealing his air conditioning unit — twice in one week — to Facebook. Go, watch the local news story:

Video: Restaurant Uses Facebook to Catch Dine-and-Dashers

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Our Place Restaurant

915 W Debbie Ln, Mansfield, TX 76063

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