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Why 50,000 Haters Want to Block the elBulli Museum

Photos: Gustavo Caballero/Getty, Guérin Nicolas, Wikipedia

More than 50,000 people have signed a petition on to prevent chef Ferran Adrià from building the new elBulliFoundation complex in Cap de Creus, a natural park in Spain. The petition (translated) calls for the Catalan government to create a law that would prevent Adrià from building his educational center/mad scientist-style laboratory in the "protected area" of the park. The document further states that the area belongs to all citizens and is "a legacy for future generations."

Created by a local woman named Carolina Sanpera Trigueros, the petition also claims that the "area of the Cap de Creus and their surroundings do not need tourist attractions" and that the parks were created to protect the "high nature value areas" that are "highly vulnerable." It asks that Adrià and the elBulliFoundation find another location "outside of the park" to build its complex. The foundation was given special approval by the government to build the complex — which will feature everything from an exhibition space to something called an "Idearium" — back in November and it's slated to open in 2015.

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Cap de Creus

Cap De Creus, CT, Spain