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Watch a Fake Documentary About a Real-Life Pop-Up of a Fake Restaurant

Here's a "documentary" about a fake restaurant (from the guys behind the food blog the Infatuation) as it was made into a real life pop-up. Back in May, the site published a joke review of a fake restaurant called Underfinger which served items like "Seahorse Sashimi" and a "single sliced pear" for dessert. After some readers didn't get the joke and were asking about reservations, they made the restaurant into a one night pop-up with chef Justin Warner (Do or Dine) and someone playing the fake Scandinavian chef behind Underfinger, Jesper Paulsen.

Chef Paulsen spends the first few minutes saying hilarious parodies of deep thoughts like "food is not something you consume, but something that consumes you" and "every menu I create tells a story… a sad and delicious story." Diners are served items like wearable and edible charcuterie gloves (a "reminder that we are all essentially meat") and sea bream fish sticks served on a Lego mat. Chef Bobby Flay even makes an appearance as one of Paulsen's biggest fans. Go, watch to see seahorse carpaccio in real life:

Video: Underfinger

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