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Two Heavyweight Champs Throw Punches Over Pasta

Talk about a real-life food fight: Former champion Shannon Briggs decided to brawl with current world heavyweight champion/actress Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko at a restaurant in Florida. In the clip, Briggs goes over to Klitschko's table and started shouting bizarre things like "everything you eat, I eat, champ."

Briggs then proceeds to sit down at the table actually start eating part of Klitschko's meal (he talks with his mouth full). Klitschko remains cool and asks Briggs if he'd like a drink, then pours water over his head. Briggs flips out and breaks the glass before knocking food everywhere, having to be dragged out of the restaurant. If the incident was a publicity stunt, it's one that drew blood: According to TMZ, Briggs is in the hospital getting stitches after he cut his foot on the broken glass. Go, watch:

Video: Klitschko-Briggs Wild Restaurant Showdown

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