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McDonald's Chinese Menus Reinstated After Meat Scandal

Photo: Omar A./Flickr

Two weeks after an expired-meat scandal rocked McDonald's locations throughout China, the fast-food giant is on track to "restore its full menu" throughout cities in the coming weeks. On July 20, news surfaced that Shanghai Husi Food Co., Ltd., a Chinese meat supplier to American chains like McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King, improperly handled meat and allegedly repackaged expired meat, causing all chains to pull its products off their menus. Reuters reports that McDonald's locations in Beijing and Guangzhou will finally resume offering their full menus this week, with restaurants in Shanghai expected to follow suit in the coming weeks.

But even if Chinese customers return to order Big Macs as per usual, the scandal has already hit the chain's bottom line: In its second-quarter earnings report, McDonald's warned investors that "the company's global comparable sales forecast for 2014 is now at risk" as a result of the "China supplier issue," as well as uncertainties in the Russian market. But for now, Quarter Pounders with Cheese are back in Beijing — time will tell if Chinese consumers bite.

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